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[Main use and performance of split film industrial yarn]
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The manufacturing process of split film industrial yarn is short, the output is high, the cost is low, and polypropylene is used as raw material. The polypropylene split film industrial yarn has high strength, no water absorption, corrosion resistance, friction resistance and small specific gravity, and can be used as a flat line bag, a coarse cloth bag, a sack, and the like. Nautical cables, anchor cables, conveyor belts, hoisting slings and even core wires in wire ropes can be made of split-fiber, which is light and strong, and does not entangle around the anchor.

The split film industrial yarn can also be used as a carpet backing, artificial turf and road base fabric. Mine safety detonators and igniting ropes, because the core layer is filled with black explosives, the outer layer must be covered with moisture-proof and wear-resistant, safe and reliable protective layer cloth, and the use of split-fiber fabrics is better.

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